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Snowy times

I had hoped to get out for a few adventures in the snow this winter, particularly some overnighters, but time sped by and I only managed one day learning to cross-country ski at Lake Mountain (with great snow) and an overnight snowshoe trip to Mt Stirling (with rapidly melting slushy snow).

Lake Mountain_MG_6667




Mount Stirling

_MG_8919 _MG_8914 _MG_8883 _MG_8946 _MG_9002 _MG_9007 _MG_9015


Hills and mountains in Northern Argentina

I love this hill. Or maybe it counts as a mountain. It’s certainly higher than anything in Australia! I love the cracks in the top, like cracks in a cake. This was somewhere in Salta Province I think.
This is in Catamarca Province, an area that doesn’t get anywhere near as many visitors as Salta or Jujuy but has some amazing landscapes. The drive up to the Chilean border is spectacular. The border itself is above 4700 metres, and there are numerous 6000 metre plus peaks in the area.
Iruya, Salta Province. It takes a rather scary bus ride with countless hairpin turns to get to this isolated village. Well worth it though. We did a 3 day hike from there. Stunning.
Some sort of pin-cushion type plant, way up high in Salta Province, on the way to San Antonio de los Cobres, one of the more miserable places I’ve been.