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A bit cheesy in the Otways

A weekend away in the Otways and Great Ocean Road. Part holiday, partly to shoot things for my upcoming exhibition (!). We saw a hell of a lot of really beautiful trees. Mountain ash forest is stunning, and perfect for the style of photos I’m doing for my exhibition (more on that soon perhaps). We also checked out a small plantation of Californian redwoods, planted in 1938. Oh, and I couldn’t resist a couple of slightly cheesy photos of beautiful reflections, one near Lake Elizabeth and one at Lorne in dramatic afternoon light._MG_4325 _MG_4348 _MG_4522 _MG_4583 _MG_4622 _MG_4807


Sometimes, when confronted with a spectacular landscape, camera in hand, it’s a little hard to know what to do. One of my responses over the years has been to pan my camera across the landscape, clicking as I go, thinking “this will make a great panorama!”
Creating those panoramic images is one thing – doing something with them is another matter entirely! It would be great to print one of these amazing landscapes 3 metres wide, but the cost of printing (not to mention framing) is slightly prohibitive… Nor do I have walls big enough to hang them on.
So, I’ll share some of them on here for now. To see the images bigger click on them to open in a new window and then click on them again to zoom in.

A village in Pays Dogon, Mali.
Tannery in Fes, Morocco.
Salta Province, Argentina.
Sun rising on Cerro Fitz Roy, Argentina.
Iguazu Falls, Argentina