Kuala Lumpur

I recently returned home from a 5 week trip to Vietnam, with a few days in Kuala Lumpur. The task of going through photos is more than a little overwhelming. So to start, just a few shots from KL.

National Mosque.

National Mosque.

Little India.


A quiet corner of Batu Caves.

A monkey on the stairway to Batu Caves.

Big statue of the Hindu god Murugan.

Petronas Towers.

Souvenir selling girl in KL Tower.


A while back as part of the Open House Melbourne event I fluked upon a visit to the helipad of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. I’d gone there to visit some tunnels but they were all booked out so I went up instead. I may never know what the tunnels were like, but the views from the helipad were great. And they will soon be lost, as a new building across the road rises to block them. Of course, as far as photos were concerned, I was more interested in the safety barriers…