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Snowy times

I had hoped to get out for a few adventures in the snow this winter, particularly some overnighters, but time sped by and I only managed one day learning to cross-country ski at Lake Mountain (with great snow) and an overnight snowshoe trip to Mt Stirling (with rapidly melting slushy snow).

Lake Mountain_MG_6667




Mount Stirling

_MG_8919 _MG_8914 _MG_8883 _MG_8946 _MG_9002 _MG_9007 _MG_9015


Lerderderg Gorge

I’d known about Lerderderg Gorge for a few year but always assumed it would be a fairly wretched place. Anyway, I finally went there for a day walk recently and it was great! A beautiful river, steep climbs, rugged rocky country and great views. And a pretty interesting weir. I think it might be pretty horrible in hot weather though. It does have a reputation for being somewhat of a snake pit.

Lerderderg-1 Lerderderg-2 Lerderderg-3 Lerderderg-4 Lerderderg-5 Lerderderg-6