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And some more panoramas…

Salta Province, Argentina.

Maragua Crater in the Cordillera de los Frailes, Bolivia.

A glacier (can’t remember the name), Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina.

Catamarca Province, Argentina.

Old museum at Puente del Inca. Mendoza Province, Argentina.

Quebrada de Cafayate, Salta Province, Argentina.

Rooftops of Rabat, Morocco.



Probably the most pathetic little dog I’ve ever seen. He was in a little town in the north west of Argentina, in the mountains, where it gets very cold at night. Some kind soul must have taken pity on him and given him a jumper.

Sk8 or die.

Sk8 or die.

This one’s from a road trip to Central Australia last year. It was taken in Hawker, South Australia. The Flinders Ranges mountains can be seen in the distance. It doesn’t have a home on my website yet because it didn’t quite match the outback photos.

Sibley Soundshell

Sibley Soundshell

Welcome to my blog! I’d been thinking for a while that I need somewhere to post photos that don’t yet have a home on my website or anywhere else. I’ve got a bit of a backlog of random photos taken over summer, so there should be lots of posts to come.

This photo of the fabulous Sibley Soundshell was taken on a weekend away in Bright a while back.